Kowala s.a.

Kowala S.A.
ul. Przemyslowa 11
24-320 Poniatowa

tel. +48 696 449 559

e-mail: biuro@kowala.com.pl

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Kowala S.A. is a company that produces a wide range of thermoformed products for use in gardening and agriculture. The company's most important assortment features multi-cell sowing, seedling, and transport trays. We took advantage of our many years of experience in the plastic material products business when founding the company in 2002.

Kowala S.A. is located in the center of Poland, about 100 km south of Warsaw. A 2000 m2 production hall with modern machinery allows us to produce at high levels of quantity and quality levels, which have not been attained in Poland thus far.

Because we believe that progress is the power that drives the Polish gardening sector, we strive to offer modern products that are necessary for modern crop technology, including cultivation, transport, and storage. We dedicate our products to the local market and try to fulfill its unique requirements. In addition we encourage our clients to make comments and suggestions that will allow us to strengthen the position of Polish products on the European Union market as well.

Quality of our products is ensured by HACCP and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

We are able to produce any sort of tray our clients may need. If you have any special requirements, please contact us. We will do everything to satisfy your needs.

We do not sell to retail market.


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